The World of Black Desert

The World of Black Desert Online

Black Desert offers a huge, dynamic world to its players who wish to explore its array of scenery and dungeons. It has an array of places, such as small villages and huge bustling cities, scorching deserts and icy tundras. To start off, the players will find themselves in Balenos, one of three regions to the in the province, located in the north east, filled with vasts forests filled with teeming wildlife, and to the north the expansive ocean and a warm climate.


A bit farther North, players will find Serendia, a larger, more bustling city than Balenos. It boasts the seaside, player houses, and lots of NPCs to interact with. Later on players will happen upon Calpheon, the capital of the first province. It’s the biggest city by far they will encounter, and they will experience the opportunity to scale huge walls and view the world from high rooftops. Along the way to each of these cities are countless caves and dark dungeons, filled with adventure, mystery, and treasure.


Black Desert is an open world MMORPG, free of loading screens. It’s complete with a beautiful and dynamic climate and weather system that changes from region to region, and constantly! You may never have the same two experiences in the world of Black Desert.

Black Desert has a flowing Day/Night cycle that creates an ever-changing dynamic to the world. NPCs will go home during the night, and monsters come out – it’s a very different experience from the two times.