The Story of Black Desert

In the beginning, the four countries lived peacefully. Kelpeon, Serendia, Valenos, and Media. Valencia was a huge, prosperous country, and it ruled most of the trade. The problem occurred when merchants from Valencia brought a terrible disease to other countries: the Black Death.


Citizens were stricken by the Black Death, and each country lost a number of their people to a horrible death. Even if  people weren’t taken by death, they were expelled over a paranoid fear that they carried the disease. Eventually the gap between nobles and the poor was closed in understanding that they had a common enemy: Valencia. Elion priests pointed fingers toward the country, spreading word that this was a plot due to The Black Stone. An alliance between the other three countries was created in order to turn against the fourth. Valencia thought them fools; their own people died due to the Black Death as well!

The war lasted 30 long years. Media profited the most, in the fact that they realized more than anyone the true value of Black Stone. They began to secretly gather Black Stones from the Black Desert, rather than supply the alliance with weapons and goods. For 30 years, Media amplified its wealth by trading between Valencia and the alliance.


After the War, the three countries begun to warily trade with Valencia again, with the help of Media. War had depleted them of their wealth, and their cities became poor. They soon realized that Media was not, due to the power of The Black Stones they had been gathering. Each country began to scramble in The Black Desert, hoping to gain their country’s former glory back. Kalpeon had no territory in which The Black Stones were found, so they began to steal from the others in desperation. Thus began the rivalry of each country.


Peria Chronicles