Black Desert PvP


~Open World PvP~

Black Desert offers an open world PvP System starting at Level 50 (KR Version). Once you reached Level 50 you can start fight other players. One Character on Level 50 is enough to activate the PvP Mode on all your Characters, regardless of their level. Players that are being killed in open world PvP will lose Exp. and items. Killing other players will certainly result in receiving negative karma. Players with negative karma will drop more items when they die.

~Siege PvP~

Every week the best PvP Guilds can fight for glory in huge PvP Sieges. During the Siege War every participating Guild will build it’s own base near the Fortress. The Guild that kills the King of the Fortress will own it and it’s surroundings until the next Siege War. Sounds easier than it is, because your Guild is not the only one trying to conquer the Fortress. Do you have what it takes to lead your Guild to victory against thousands of enemies?


~Arena PvP~

Normal PvP Arenas can be found in every major City. In the PvP Arena you can fight other Players without any penalties.


~Instanced PvP~

Looking for some serious 3 vs. 3 matches? Just join the Lobby for Instanced PvP if you and your friends wants to fight other teams in an instanced environment.

~Crimson Battlefield~

Crimson Battlefield is a merciless battle system which you can participate in with the help of your Black Spirit from anywhere and anytime if you are over level 50. You do not have any death penalty on this special Battlefield. If you defeat enemy players continuously, a message praising your achievement will be displayed. Normally the position of enemy players are displayed on world map, and if a character achieves 5 continuous / 10 continuous kills, that player will be displayed on world map as a leading character. It’s like a huge area where 2 Teams fight against each other.

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