• New Black Desert Developer Diary
    by Gaandi August 18
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      Kakao Games today released a fascinating developer diary in which Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss explains some of the key decisions that went into creating the popular MMO.   Find out what makes Black Desert Online tick, from gameplay to design, by watching the two-part video below.   Watch Dev Diary Part 1:     Watch Dev Diary Part 2:     At Gamescom this week? Visit Kakao to experience upcoming content from the Awakening and Margoria Expansions and meet the developers! Head to the gigantic 450 square meter booth in Hall 10.1 60A-B.   Find out more […]

  • Black Desert Online at Gamescom!
    by Gaandi August 12
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      Already planning to go to Gamescom? How about making a stop by the Kakao Games booth? This year, Black Desert online will be present in force at Gamescom. Compete against other players for cool prizes during their stage shows or try out the new Awakening weapons at one of their high end PCs! Or perhaps you are more interested in taking part in some developer interviews with Pearl Abyss? They will show you an exclusive look behind the scenes and will tease upcoming content such as the spectacular Margoria Expansion. Furthermore, Kakao Games will have amazing goodies for everyone that stops by their […]

  • Update – August 10th
    by Gaandi August 10
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      Kakao Games recent update to the NA/EU servers for Black Desert Online include the addition of Pearl Items being available on the Market Place as well as Tier 8 Horses and much more.   With this latest patch Pearl Items will be available on the Market Place, as announced previously.  Restrictions have been put in place to limit the number of items that can be listed on a weekly basis.  In conjunction with the previously announced restrictions on this system, the game play data will be carefully monitored to find a suitable balance.   A maximum of 5 Pearl […]

  • Promoting Fair Gameplay in Black Desert Online
    by Gaandi August 4
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      Kakao Games recently released a statement regarding the use of third-party software in Black Desert Online.   “In the past we have made our stance on the use of Third Party Software very clear, simply put they will not be tolerated in Black Desert. Yesterday we launched another banwave, specifically removing players who used this type of software in an effort to maintain the integrity of the game.” – CM_Aethon   With previous ban waves, there have been questions asking us if these actions are temporary, and Kakao Games want to reiterate that they are in fact permanent.  Such action […]

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