• Black-Desert.com Interview with Pearl Abyss
    by admin August 27
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    Now that the storm with the name “Gamescom” has passed, we’re glad to inform you, that black-desert.com editor Alex “Apollonius” had the chance to meet with the CFO & COO of Pearl Abyss, Mr. Brian Oh and Mr. Jaemin Youn respectively. Among being able to play the Game for the very first time [see video], Apollonius also made an interview including many questions by our community in an attempt to bring the ideals of western players closer to the Korean Developer Studio. The interview features a total of 16 questions and answers and we’re certain, that the content not only […]

  • Black Desert – Coming for PS3 and XBoxOne?
    by admin August 22
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    Black Desert – Coming for PS3 and XBoxOne?   The Gaming Website dualshockers.com met PearlAbyss at the gamescom and they couldn’t resist to ask if there will be a PS4 or xBoxOne Version of the game. The COO Jaemin Youn and CFO Brian Oh confirmed that they are thinking about bringing Black Desert to the next generation consoles. They also already had meetings with Sony Computer Entertainment. However, the conversion probably depends on Black Desert Onlines success for the PC. The xBoxOne is probably not the best choice for MMORPGS because it’s not a multi-Crossplatform, that’s also why SquareEnix refused […]

  • 2nd Screenshot and Trailer Set Released
    by admin August 1
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    The 2nd Screenshot and Trailer Set has been released today. Check out the Combat Trailer and some Monster Screenshots here! [nggallery id=5]

  • Inven ChinaJoy Interview
    by admin July 25
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    Joey from inven.com met Black Deserts Game Director for a short interview regarding the upcoming beta Pearl Abyss attended to the biggest Game-Expo in China called “China Joy” to present their Blockbuster MMO Black Desert Online. Inven visited the Booth B2B, where PealAbyss is represented. Inven tried to catch up on some information about the beta and the schedule, but it seems like that the Korean audience have to be a little more patient. The reason why PearlAbyss re-scheduled the upcoming Korean closed beta is because they had some issues with the User Interface, but the Beta will start officially […]

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