• Beta invitation are out
    by Editor October 11
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    5000 lucky koreans obtained their beta access to the very first Beta from Black Desert Online today.  The Download will be available on October 15th and the Beta will start two days later on October 17th and ends on October 25th. In this time there is a lot of stuff to see since the levelcap is 40 and there are a lot of features to explore. We are very excited and can’t wait for the first beta test. We will make sure to write as much as possible about the game, his features, classes, mechanics, gameplay and much more. Unfortunately Streams are not allowed but […]

  • Beta registration, new Website, FAQ and Videos
    by Editor October 1
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    Beta registration, new Website, FAQ and Videos Black Desert Closed Beta invations are available now for korean players. 5000 lucky koreans are being invited to practice in the very first beta test from october 17th to october 23th. You can apply for the korean beta test from october 1st. until October 10th,10:00 a.m. Korean Time. You have to approve that you are korean, so there is no chance for western players to get access to the beta. The Download will be available  on october 15th. Daum also launched a new Website with many new information about the MMORPG. Here’s a short Preview of […]

  • Closed Beta Date announced
    by Editor September 26
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    Closed Beta Date announced Today, PearlAbyss and publisher daum organized a  Lan Party for their upcoming MMORPG Black Desert Online.  The korean gaming Press has been invited to test the next big deal on the korean mmorpg market for more than 2 hours.  PearlAbyss also reveladed some information about the first closed beta. So, here’s the information everyone has been waiting for. Black Deserts official first closed Beta will take place from October 17th to October 23th. But there is more. The beta content You will be able to enjoy the PvE Content like the Action Combat System, mounting combat, the leveling System till […]

  • Closed Beta invitations
    by Editor September 12
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    Closed Beta invitations The long wait is over! Well, almost. Next month Pearl Abyss and Publisher Daum will pick some lucky People for the first Closed Beta. The Closed Beta will only be available in Korean and for Koreans. In recent Interviews PearlAbyss mentioned that they want to test the general game mechanics in the first beta. You will be able to enjoy the PvE Content like the Action Combat System, the leveling System, Quests and Storylines, fight against Monster and Bosses in Open World and in Dungeons, as well as the Housing System, the Economy like the Auctioneer and […]