• Update – September 14th
    by Gaandi September 14
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      The recent update to the NA/EU servers for Black Desert Online introduces the Sorceress Awakening, The new world raid boss Ancient Kutum, new Cash Shop items and much more!     The new World Beer Festival has been added and will start on September 14th 10:00 UTC and end on October 26th 10:00 UTC.   For a full write up of this new event please head over to the official forums here.       The Cash Shop has been updated with the Looney Outfit Set, Jegrina Outfit Set as well as many more. See all the items in the […]

  • Black Desert Online – Valencia Part 2
    by Gaandi August 31
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      Kakao Games announced that the second part of the Valencia Expansion as well as the first class Awakening are both coming to Black Desert Online today.   With the Valencia Part Two Expansion, players will be able to journey to Muiquun, the Land of Outlaws. This abandoned town, in the middle of the Cantusa Desert, is rumored to be the home of the infamous Muiquun gang and other lawbreakers, who drove Muiqunn’s original inhabitants away. Players looking for a safer area in the desert regions can stop by Arehaza, a small fishing community located east of the Great Valencian […]

  • Cash Shop Update – Aug 24th
    by Gaandi August 24
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      Kakao Games recent update to the NA/EU Cash Shop for Black Desert Online adds the Aegis Weapon and Outift set and many more! See image Below.  

  • IGN Gameplay Interview with Kakao Games
    by Gaandi August 20
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      While Kakao Games were at Gamescom this year they sat down for an interview with IGN to talk about class Awakenings and the new Margoria Expansion that is coming soon.   They also discuss the recent controversy over the possible P2W features added into Black Desert Online.   Take a look at the Gameplay Interview below!  

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