• The Margoria Expansion Comes to Black Desert Online January 25
    by Gaandi January 13
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      Black Desert Online’s upcoming naval-focused expansion, Margoria, is set to arrive Wednesday, January 25. In addition to adding new treasure-filled sea areas  and a new harbor that connects to a new territory. Furthermore, the Margoria Expansion will introduce underwater monster hunting, ship construction, over 100 new quests, guild-versus-guild naval combat―the best way to establish dominance on the new trade routes―and more.     The Margoria Expansion will be made available to existing Black Desert Online players for free. View the new screenshots below before braving the deep, dangerous waters later this month.     An update to Black Desert […]

  • The Wizard and Witch are the Final Classes to Awaken in Black Desert Online
    by Gaandi December 21
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      Today, Black Desert Online unlocks the true potential of the Wizard and Witch classes, the last pair to Awaken. Both the Wizard and Witch are known for their devastating elemental attacks, calling down massive meteors and stirring up powerful blizzards, often leaving them wide open for counterattacks.   Now through the power of their new weapons―the Wizard’s Aad Sphera and the Witch’s Godr Sphera―they are able to channel the elements not only for offensive spells, but also to summon powerful allies who aid them in combat.   Watch the Witch and Wizard Awakening Overview video:     The Wizard […]

  • Black Desert Online Holiday Event and Sales – Play Free for Seven Days
    by Gaandi December 15
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      ‘Tis the season of giving! Today through January 4, Kakao Games is offering a free seven-day trial for Black Desert Online. No content restrictions, and no saved game loss―pick up right where you left off by purchasing a one-time game pass after your free trial has ended. Create a Black Desert Online account here to get started.   50% Off Game Passes Today through January 4, all Black Desert Online game packages are discounted by 50%. In addition, the Explorer’s Package will also unlock a special holiday outfitcalled the Noel Costume Set.   Players who already own the game can […]

  • Black Desert Online Unleashes the Ninja and Kunoichi Awakenings
    by Gaandi December 7
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      Black Desert Online Unleashes the Ninja and Kunoichi Awakenings   Black Desert Online’s two swift masters of concealment, the Ninja and Kunoichi classes, receive their full-power Awakening weapon and skills in today’s update.   The Ninja’s precise and deadly close-quarters combat is enhanced with the new Sura Katana, a set of six blades each dealing very high damage. The Kunoichi, who specializes in rapidly deflecting enemy attacks, similarly gains new offensive powers in the Sah Chakram. Making full use of class Awakenings means switching weapons on the fly and quickly adapting to each situation, so keen Ninja and Kunoichi […]

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