• Black Desert Online Teases Dark Knight Class Coming in March
    by admin February 2
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      Step into the night and feel your life force flicker: The Dark Knight draws near.   Watch the Dark Knight Teaser Trailer on YouTube:     The Dark Knight is the next character class that players will be able to choose from in Black Desert Online.   In battle, the Dark Knight uses a combination of melee attacks and long-range magic. Wielding a two-handed sword flaring with dark energy, she can quickly overwhelm opponents by unleashing heavy and unrelenting strikes. Tapping into an ancient power from her homeland of Kamasylvia, the Dark Knight can also corrupt and absorb power […]

  • Sea-Focused Margoria Expansion Live Today in Black Desert Online
    by admin January 26
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      Margoria, Black Desert Online’s latest expansion, launches today and brings with it a whole new ocean as well as a host of activities for players to take part in both above and below the waters.   Watch the Dive into Margoria Trailer:     Teased at Gamescom 2016, the Margoria Expansion pushes the limits of what is possible in current-day MMORPGs with features like large-scale naval combat, where entire guilds can climb aboard their ships and face off on the sometimes calm, sometimes storm-ridden Margoria ocean. Margoria Expansion features Guild-vs-guild naval combat – Guard your wealth and trade routes […]

  • The Margoria Expansion Comes to Black Desert Online January 25
    by admin January 13
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      Black Desert Online’s upcoming naval-focused expansion, Margoria, is set to arrive Wednesday, January 25. In addition to adding new treasure-filled sea areas  and a new harbor that connects to a new territory. Furthermore, the Margoria Expansion will introduce underwater monster hunting, ship construction, over 100 new quests, guild-versus-guild naval combat―the best way to establish dominance on the new trade routes―and more.     The Margoria Expansion will be made available to existing Black Desert Online players for free. View the new screenshots below before braving the deep, dangerous waters later this month.     An update to Black Desert […]

  • The Wizard and Witch are the Final Classes to Awaken in Black Desert Online
    by admin December 21
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      Today, Black Desert Online unlocks the true potential of the Wizard and Witch classes, the last pair to Awaken. Both the Wizard and Witch are known for their devastating elemental attacks, calling down massive meteors and stirring up powerful blizzards, often leaving them wide open for counterattacks.   Now through the power of their new weapons―the Wizard’s Aad Sphera and the Witch’s Godr Sphera―they are able to channel the elements not only for offensive spells, but also to summon powerful allies who aid them in combat.   Watch the Witch and Wizard Awakening Overview video:     The Wizard […]

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