• Black Desert Steam Sale until October 2nd
    by admin September 29
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    Want to introduce your friend to Black Desert or need a fresh start? The Steam Version of Black Desert is on sale at the moment. The Basic Game, the Travelers and the Explorers Package are 40% off until October 2nd. http://store.steampowered.com/app/582660/Black_Desert_Online/

  • Black Desert Soundtrack Remastered
    by admin September 20
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    Source: Newsletter Black Desert Online’s Soundtrack to be Remastered by European Orchestras Orchestrated music remaster, conducted and performed by famed orchestras from Germany, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Today PearlAbyss announced that it is revamping their score for Black Desert Online to replace the original MIDI soundtrack with orchestrated music. The new score has been re-arranged by Hui Man Ryu, Black Desert Online’s original composer who is regarded as one of the most popular music directors within the Korean video game industry. He is also very well known for his work on rhythm game classics such as EZ2DJ and DJMAX and […]

  • Mystic Class Revealed
    by admin July 15
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    Kakao Games and PearlAbyss today announced that Black Desert Online will be welcoming a new female class. The new Mystic class will first make her first appearance on Black Desert Online’s Korean service and will be released soon to other regions. More in-depth information and a video about this exciting new character will be revealed next week. For the remainder of 2017, PearlAbyss is preparing a host of exciting free updates that will keep adventurers engaged. After releasing the Striker class and its awakening, the recent Shultz Guard Station and last week’s Terrmian Festival content, Black Desert Online will keep […]

  • Kamasilvia Part II Trailer
    by admin June 26
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    Today, Pearl Abyss released the full trailer for Kamasilvia Part II. There is no release date yet but it should arrive in Korea this summer. You can find the stunning trailer below.

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