FEAR Introduction

    • FEAR Introduction

      Hey guys I'm writing this to give you some Background/history of myself. Okay so I started playing my first MMO when I was around 9-10... It was the first week WoW had come out (I did not buy the game, It was by chance my dad didn't like it, but after watching him me and my brother became hooked) I obviously used to click so I don't tend to count these days much. I'd say I became really good at the game when BC was released.. I was easily one of the best rogues on the server, and had one of the highest ratings on EU. This continued through my years of playing... WoTLK I became rank 1 disc priest in my battle group and gladiator shaman... I went on to be a X6 Glad shaman and only X2 Glad priest. I quit wow about a year + ago now.. Since have played games like Guild Wars 2, Aion, Archeage, In fact go and name a MMO I most likely haven't played... as there aren't many at all. I'm a veteran when it comes to the MMO community, I always thrive to try and be the best or at least involve myself in the correct movement a game should be run in. I love friendly competition and also hardcore competition. Ive had my fair share of rivalry's throughout the years. I've led some pretty successful EU guilds all across the border... Crowd Control on wow.. and Coke Addiction... featured in two of the best EU guilds that held the best arena players... GAMESENSE and Yaspresents. I have been an officer, I have done it all. I love the look of Black Desert which is why I am coming here to try start my own community, for years I have stayed with the same group of people and we have kept the doors closed, today we want to change that, we want to recruit people with any good sort of PVP history, we want to create our own community, forums and websites... We want to try and be one of the leading figures in this game. We want to build strong alliances, rivals. I'm 19 nearly 20, Living in Britain UK. I hope I get to meet a lot of friends here. Open to talk to anyone. Thanks for reading about me. I hope you do not take it as me bragging and bragging, I'm just very proud of my achievements.