well it's an introduction so.. hello!

    • well it's an introduction so.. hello!

      Hello everyone. I guess it might be a good idé for me to actually start of my journey on this forum with an actual intro, usually I tend to skip them until a year or more after I have join an community. So let's change that, shall we?

      I came in contact with BDO about one and a half year ago or so. I was intrigued by the first look at the game and as you can see, still am since my eyes are still glued on this game. Not in the litteral way I'm afraid. Might have gotten a bit to messy for the poor developers otherwise, if they had eyes smooshed around on all their coding and code....

      The type of player I am is mostly summed up as; That weird person who runs around and jumps on random rocks and doesn't speak much -if at all- and sometimes turns up to dungeons in strange low level outfits even if they do change it soon after arriving. Also seems to role play on the PvP servers instead of the actual RP servers. Yupp that's me, might I add: starts to sing randomly at times without noticing the mic being on? On a bit of a more serious note I might add that I used to PvP a lot in my old days of mmo playing and loved every second of it... (Okey that was a lie, Since after dying the thousand time in strangelthorn vale with that army of high levels corpse camping your body at nesingwary's camp were never fun. But the general battlegrounds and arenas? They was most often fun.)

      As for class I usually prefer to play ranged classes and occassionally healer and support. I am an old wow player who in my wow days mostly prefered to play as hunter, rogue and/or (holy)paladin. I have also tested tera for a while where I mostly played archer, sorcerer and berserk. So If you're familiar with those games and/or classes you will probably have realized by now that I have my eyes on that ranger class BDO has to offer. (Off record though, am quite a big altholic, beaware.)

      When it comes to the social bit I'm quite shy and a bit of an awkward penguin who most probably ends up sitting in a corner munching liquorice while looking dreaming on the other people that are having an awesome conversation about anything and everything beside me. I usually tend to stay away from guild all together or join in smaller guilds with a tight circle of individuals even if I might be one of the less talkative people in those guilds. (Ha! Less talkative I say with this wall of text beside me...? But seriously I usually tend to be more of an side spectator more often than an contributor.)

      Some games and things I like beside BDO are (of the game bit anyway.) the Dragon age franchise, Dishonored, Portal and HotS together with the Mass effect series. I spend a lot of my time drawing, writing and playing Magic the Gathering, while I'm also train Hung Gar kuen (Kung Fu) and Mo Si (Lion dance). So If someone have similar interest and want to be friends feel free to talk to me. I don't bite... Hard.