Help, website BD Japan, does not work me.

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    • Help, website BD Japan, does not work me.

      the page runs me four days ago, enough to register and update, buy, I have four days of trying and failed to load.

      i use windows 10, i have a account primium FlyVPN and IP Vanish, Softether also.

      during these days, I try enter the site, I find it impossible to enter with my facebook account, me because only redirects to homepage and in about 20 minutes longer no found the web site.
      :mhpf: :whaaat: :ohok: 'imdone' :sorry:

      attempt to : flyvpn, ip vanish vpn and softether and the problem persists.
      i tunr off me anti-virus and nothing... u.u

      PLZZZZ HELP ME!!! :greensad :ohok: 'imdone'