Graphical Issues?

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    • Graphical Issues?

      Alright so from looking at all the screenshots I have seen of this game I was a little disappointed when I first logged into the game. I set everything to max and it still looked kinda bad. I can't help but feel something is wrong on my end. Here are some screenshots. Something is obviously wrong. I have tried resetting to default and it still looks like this.

      My system:
      r9 290 @ 1100/1250 with 15.4 Beta drivers
      i5 2500k @ 4.2Ghz
      16GB 1600 Ram
      Windows 8.1 64bit

      Some other issues I have it when I set my resolution to 3200 x 1800 via AMD virtualsupersample my FPS is capped at 30 with everything set to max. When I have it at 1080p it will either get stuck at 30 or cap at 60. Yes I have tried ticking the upscale option. It does make textures look better when I downsample but at 1080p it seems to make the game look worse. I am also playing on the 64bit version.

      Anyone have any input?

    • ChunChun wrote:

      I don't see anything wrong? :S
      You are kidding, right? Everything just looks so pixelated. Jaggies everywhere. Only way to fix that is by turning on the in-game AA witch blurs everything or downsampling from 3200 x 1800. At this point I would have to say Blade and Soul looks better. Everything just looks....not as great as what I was expecting and have seen from screenshots, streams and youtube videos.
    • That looks like the game is upscaling from a lower resolution (although one of your screenshots show the upscaling setting is off, so I dunno).

      I'd say image quality is one of the downsides to the game's graphics but it's not supposed to nearly look as bad as your screenshots. For comparison's sake, this is one of my screenshots:

      For the framerate issues, try forcing v-sync off in drivers.
    • Okay well I fixed the issue with the graphics. I just deleted the GameOptions file in the Documents and it fixed it.

      I thought you guys said this game was capped at 60 fps? If I play on Fullscreen Windowed mode and Windowed I get full fps. In Fullscreen I am capped at various settings with the FPS going no higher than 60.


      Very Low - 120 anywhere
      Low - 100 - 120 anywhere
      Middle - 90 - 120 in almost anywhere
      Medium/High - 80 ~ 105 anywhere
      High - 60 ~ 90 Anywhere
      Very High - 50 ~ 70 Anywhere

      And from what I can see that they most noticable difference between the graphics settings without sitting here and comparing screenshots it that the render distance goes to shit.

      Thank god I found this out because I was gonna be pissed that I bought this 144hz monitor for no reason. Now I have a reason to purchasing the new 390X when it comes out.

      Picture comparisons going from Low to Ultra

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