Blader class female counterpart - can we please have it? (link to petition)

    • Ike wrote:

      Cut off the trolling! you messed up that much that you end up arguing with yourself! That is excactly what we are trying to say to you the past 2 weeks! There is a CHANCE for all of the above but you keep insisting about that BDO will be F2P on Korea and we repeatably told you that, that thing you are saying it is not wrong but it is not 100% sure!

      A copy paste part of the article of 2p that I send you:

      If the Russian community wants, there will be 3 types of servers:
      "Hard PvP (more loot drops, free PK starting lv 1, hard crafting system, and more)
      PvP (Original Korean server)
      PvE (no open world PvP, only for Arena, Guild Wars and Sieges)

      F2P servers and P2P servers
      A non P2W cash shop, only cosmetic"

      That is a proof for me that you dont read anything that we send to you, since the only thing you said that the sources might not be reliable and on the same reply you yes you, yourself saying excactly the same thing.

      From my side, this argument is now over, hope you will do the same thing.

      Why trolling? First we are talking about Russia, in Korea the game will be F2P, DAUM says it will on his BDO page. Second I give you the exact translation - if there is many people who want P2P server in Russia it is possible to create such a server few months after the game release. So it will start F2P in Russia too. Of course pub could do anything, but we are talking about what he says.

      I do not read your sources, because I link the interview with the russian publisher - the main source.

      Ah, and about PvP, the russian publisher says, there will not be PK on possible PvE servers. He says nothing about removing of open wold PvP.

      About the blader, the initial idea was to be a single class created for Japanese market. Of course that can be changed, like PA has changed the concept for giant and tamer. But no one from PA said it will.

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    • There are very little facts know on Black Desert. At least the map looks true. :)
      Female counterparts has proven to be a matter of interpretation. There is no official word about that.
      When any of us comes with information it almost always have to start with:

      1: I found on a certain site ................ (Name source.)
      2: I think that .........
      3: I am almost sure that ...............
      4: I did read somewhere (If you forgot the source) ............ (Sometimes it gets lost on Twitter.)
      5: I hope that .........
      6: I want that ..........

      And so on. There is little that we know, that is not about to change between now and the day it goes live.

    • Amaterasu wrote:

      Some of us actually played the betas, and in some cases, can read korean you know.

      Yes, and they can come here stating facts from the first hand. And hope that things don't change in the mean time.

      You can only say "During CB2 it was this and that."
      Or when they read nothing gets lost in the translation. Pearl Abyss isn't exactly overwhelming us with information. Believe me, I have translated several Q&A posts.

      Haha, I disliked my own post as a test and liked it again :)