For anyone whose game crashes at "Pearl Abyss" Splash screen

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  • For anyone whose game crashes at "Pearl Abyss" Splash screen

    So if anyone crashes at the splash screen, just like I did, there is a possible solution for it. This fixed it for me:

    - delete all files in this folder --------> ...\Daum Games\Black Desert\prestringtable\kr (basically deleting english patch)
    - run the game once (it already should work in korean at this point)
    - Download the latest english patch by lokireborn
    - Run the game and enjoy :Nosebleed:
  • Hey Im sory if this is the wrong place to post this, but I just wanted to let you and whoever else know,
    I was getting this on the Japan server after the last update! and this worked perfectly!! so thanks alot!!! :fabulous:
    (sorry again bout posting bout 'japan-server' in the 'korean-server' section)
  • rafaelsk wrote:

    This morning i tryed to play for the first time on the KR server and when on the game screen theres 3 buttons, i clicked on the first one, accepted the disclaimer and then got a error in korean, any idea about what can be it?
    Ok i had this problem but i fixed it buy using the english patcher lol.
    And im looking for someone to play with
    add me @Russufar

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