Unable to accept quests (Solved)

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    • Unable to accept quests (Solved)

      A friend of mine tried to play today and right on the beginning, after he does what the Black Spirit teaches you to move, he must accept the quest and it doesn't work. He stays there unable to even use Esc and after a while the game crashes.
    • LokiReborn wrote:

      Sorkary wrote:

      Issue solved

      What did it end up being? If it were something else you might be able to help another user having the same problem.

      I entered on his account and accepted the quest, walked a little bit for a good 5 mins accepting stuff and such. Then when he entered everything was working nice, he could even accept quests normally.
      One thing is that we only did this after a good 3 to 4 hours after the problem which might have helped since probably there where less people in the game. Only saying this because now that I tried to change channels do to a quest not being able to appear, when I tried to go back to channel one it I was queued for over 10 mins and had to put myself in queue again to be able to move. Over population in a server might cause the problem.