not pay to win

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    • not pay to win

      Black desert is a great game in a lot of ways(graphics,game-play,story...), they put a lot of work in it, it shouldn't go away, a lot of people including my self won't pay to game every month(busy schedule, no money...)so i think they should make it buy one and play4ever or completely free(with marketplace which you should pay to get an item+to donate to the developer..)this way they will earn a lot of money+ a lot of player will be playing it(telling their friends..) BTW i'll donate a lot to the developer if he followed this way!so please spread this message to pearl abyss/daum to all people who is in beta to make it to their priority.and thank you:*
    • I don't believe this is the specific section of the forum you are looking for to post to be in. You might want to try and post this in the General Chat Section. The Introduction Section is used for new members to introduce themselves to the community, rather than post a provocative and befuddled hypocritical statement such as you have done. Hopefully you heed my advice and post this topic there, and we can discuss the appropriate payment model that should be used for Black Desert.

      Since it is your first post, I would like to welcome you to the community!