Tony Romo field goal hold that went off the rails

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    • Tony Romo field goal hold that went off the rails

      At this point, the Dallas Cowboys deserve their own building in Canton
      Bryant Jersey
      , OH.

      On Jan. 2, the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the finalists
      for possible induction into immortality and XXX Cowboys legends
      survived the latest cut. While there were a several familiar faces who
      started the journey to Canton,
      OH in 2017, including some well overdue entries, only XXX survived the
      latest round of cutdowns with the final vote to occur in February.

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      Let s take a look at who is one step closer to immortality.

      Everson Walls 1981 1989

      Photo George Gojkovich, Getty

      The Grambling State defensive back was labeled as too slow by many
      NFL scouts, but that didn t deter the Cowboys from giving him a chance
      by grabbing him out of the undrafted free agent pool in 1981. He d
      reward them by reeling in the most interceptions as a backup, which
      ultimately landed him the starting role for legendary coach Tom Landry.

      As an exclamation point on an NFL debut that nearly never was, Walls
      would take home pro bowl honors in his rookie season. In his time with
      the Cowboys he led the league in interceptions three times, was a four
      time pro bowler and a three time All Pro. He d ultimately be waived by
      Jimmy Johnson in 1989, but not before grabbing 44 interceptions second
      most in Cowboys history.

      This is the first time Walls has made it to this point of the nomination process, and it s also his final year of eligibility.

      Terrell Owens 2006 2008

      Title/Alt Text

      Photo Scott M. Lieberman, Associated Press

      Let s give this another shot, shall we?

      Terrell Owens is no stranger to being snubbed by the Pro Football
      Hall of Fame committee, going as far as to proclaim he s lost respect
      for the process. That s likely done him no favors to this point,
      considering just how venomous he s been towards it all following the
      cold shoulder he received in 2016.

      Despite that,
      he s a nominee once more facing a vote that on some level he truly
      wants to receive.

      Although he became a journeyman to end his storied, and exceedingly
      controversial career, his numbers can not be denied. Owens finished with
      15,934 receiving yards and 153 touchdowns, good enough for second most
      and third most in NFL history respectively.

      If the HOF is truly only about numbers as they say they are, Owens
      should ve had a gold jacket by now, and not one he had custom made.

      Owens finished as a finalist in the 2017 vote.

      The Cowboys are heading to the offseason with lots of questions.
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