Nice to meet you everyone

    • Nice to meet you everyone

      Hello everyone nice to meet you all, i am still new with Black Desert Online just register recently in JP server. Last before i am playing Phantasy Star Online 2 in SEA server but got boring and finally retired from online game for 2 years back to the cruel RL (get job and get married :D ).

      Yesterday i got call from my long lost nakama, he said there are wonderful online game that i must to try.... so here i am stranded in this place because curiosity kill the cat.... (what i am blabering about??) ehh... well this is it my short introduction, hope we can make acquaintance and friendship in the future.

      Ah yes i am almost forgot i am from Indonesia it's nice to meet you all here.

      PS: If there are anybody here from Indonesia too please PM me if you have time, it will be good to know you all.

      Best regards


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