Bypass restrictions, VPN

    • psiphon vpn app

      i used psiphon vpn on both my PC and android phone. this is by far the best free app. i used Hma pro but it doesn't work well.
      Psiphon is great for gaming when the game is restricted in your country.
      Clash of clans is restricted in my country and i have to get vpn to play it. Psiphon is the only working app.
      you can get psiphon for pc:
      for Android: (but this app may not be seen from some countries, so if you're from these countries, you can get psiphon pro or just download apk:
      someone says that using this app can help bypass ban by pokemon go but i don't believe this. :muhahaha:
    • Psiphon 3 is a correspondence application that comes to be exceptionally convenient when you need to peruse something that has been obstructed by the administration or the ISP for a few reasons. With psiphon for windows, you can get to every single such site with no bothers. As said over, the application runs fine on both android and PCs. On account of the application, perusing confined sites turn into a bit of cake.Download most recent psiphon apk from here: