A Problem with SoftEther

    • A Problem with SoftEther

      Hi guys, so i installed SoftEther, and everytime i try to make a connection its says that it cannot find the Virtual Network Adapter, than i try to make a new Network Adapter i name it press ok, than a window pops up that the installation of the Virtusl Network Adapter device driver failed, I have no idea how to solve this problem, any suggestions would be appriciated, or if someone knows an alternative VPN. :sorry:
    • Did you close all your antivirus programs before installing?

      A stable and very cheap alternative is Mudfish VPN; it's not free, however you can run from 5$ for literally weeks (and longer if you patch the game without it) since it's pay per traffic and applies the proxy only on your game and nothing else (so accidental browsing of Youtube will not take your paid traffic away, unless you run in full VPN mode).

      If you can, try giving it a go.
      Lindena - ビター テイー - Sandor - Zulfi
    • You can also use mudfish for as little as $1 per month if you change the settings under account from pay per traffic to subscription. It will cost $1 for every game you subscribe too. However, the subscription mode speed is limited to 4mb down and 1mb up