Small Guild Recruiting

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  • Small Guild Recruiting

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, although not Black Desert KR. I have played Black Desert KR since Feb 2015 [i.e. 2 months after OBT]. Never liked large guilds so was not in a guild until now. Black Desert KR has improved a lot since OBT and I'm considering starting a guild with like-minded girls, since the guild name I have in mind is female-oriented [if any guy feels girly enough, u can apply as well]. Sorry for not disclosing the guild name since it might be taken if I disclose it here. I'm in the SEA region and I'm very experienced with the combat and life skills aspect of Black Desert. PM me or send me an email if any girl [or guy] is interested in building a new home on the KR servers, without the politics of large guilds. Alternatively, u can just post a reply here with ur family name and in-game character names. I'll send u a friend invite when I log on.

    Note: For those who are curious, the KR servers are basically packed every single night since a few months ago, when PearlAbyss changed their marketing strategy for Black Desert KR. Black Desert KR is basically a completely different game now compared to the OBT period.

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