Installation Problem Possible Fix

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    • Installation Problem Possible Fix

      I'm having a problem that many people in this forum is also having , So i Would like to make some questions . . .

      The Problem :

      Can't Install the Game :

      After having downloaded the game Setup (597kb) and rar (30gb) I couldn't install from the setup at all. I was having a "Flash Install" where nothing was installed.
      After having downloaded it twice directly from the JP Server (Site) and as well tried almost everything in this forum I was almost giving up, but I had and idea.
      What if the rar is corrupted ? Or Maybe the Setup ? So I download the Setup from other sourcers ( Old setups with 2 gb ) and tried but it didn't worked at all.
      After having downloaded the .rar twice I didn't want to download it yet again and so of pure laziness I tried the Winrar Repair tool, for my surprise it worked !!

      Long Story Short :

      For Those having the same problem where you can't install at all check if your .rar file is corrupted . . .
      How to do ? Simply double click the .rar file . if you get some error message it's corrupted.
      To try to fix it follow these steps :

      1 - Open the .rar with Winrar
      2 - Press ALT+R
      3 - Click OK ( You may choose the destination if you want ) and let it be repaired
      3-1 The repaired file will be renamed to rebuilt.xxxx.rar ( x is the name of the arquive prior to being repaired )
      4 - Rename the file to it's previous name and start the setup
      5 - It should work now

      Some INFO :
      Setup and Rar version was "BlackDesert_live_20160615.exe" and "BlackDesert_live_20160615_1.rar"
      I Tried to Download from the Downloader as well but didn't worked.
      Tried renaming the old setup files with my version but didn't worked ( Only installed the setup content )

      Edit : Since i came across "Failed to init security" and after so many trie to get past it , I gave up and decided to go to Black Desert RU.

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