[KR - Working - Daily Update] BDO Eng Patch

  • [KR - Working - Daily Update] BDO Eng Patch

    My patch serving for a long time and know still working. Now i want to create my own thread to post my patch here daily with every game patch and every hotfix.

    Patch Status : Working fine for client v1089
    Our Homepage : bdoengpatch.com <<

    PAZ files missing ? Come come ! Free download Paz files, fast & free !

    Here's (Newest) patch :

    Tell me which host u want then i'll upload my patch to wherever u want to. And u can get newest patch from our fanpage too :muhahaha:
    Please upvote us on reddit : redd.it/4p8b81

    How to use :
    -Extract by winrar or 7zip

    -Copy prestringtable folder to game folder ( Replace if need )
    -Enjoy the game

    Change log :

    #210716 - 1149 "Alpha Sea"
    -Translate something new
    #160716 - 1089 "buzarini2"
    -Translate Delpe knight supplies support quest
    #150716 - 1086 "buzarini"
    -Add/Translated recommendation quests
    #150716 - 1086 Market
    -Add/Translated market fucntion
    #140716 - 1084 Advanced 2
    -Everything new translated
    #110716 - 1075 Advanced
    -Fixed [World of Enemies] chain quests.
    -Fixed incorrect imperial cooking/alchemy description(daum changed value)
    -Homepage appeared : bdoengpatch.com
    #090716 - 1075 Quick response
    -Awaken abilities
    -Cash shop items
    -Some dialogs
    #080716 - 1075 FULL :
    -4 new quest
    -1 New Skill
    -1 New Skill Type
    -Completed version with 42 standard sheet
    #070716 - 1074 LITE :
    -2 new buffs
    -14 new cash items
    -5 new dialogs
    -1 new equipment set option
    -2 new items
    -1 new error warning text
    ... and new button/Text/Table/UI
    AND NOT INCLUDED this patch cuz it just lite patch:
    -Skill type
    -Awaken ability
    -NPC Relation
    #300616 - 1066 REF :
    -Translated something new
    #290616 - 1065 PERF :
    -Fixed many issue
    -Translated text boost up to 98% ( included new event, new skill, new bla bla bla)
    -Next patch update time will be shorten as much as we can
    #240616 - 1048 MED :
    -Fixed Dialog problem
    -Completed Cash shop
    -Completed Ninja skill
    -Adjust Market notify UI
    #230616 - 1048 LITE :
    -Ignore Dialog for some problem
    -Ninja awaken skill translated
    -item desc fixed
    -Replace Valencia(not Valencia city) is Sand bazaar entrance
    #220616 - 1038 v2 :
    Hotfix :
    -Extraction doesn't work
    #220616 - 1038 v1 :
    Fixed :
    -Worket list
    -NPC title
    -Many Skill name/desc
    -some function

    About us (Actually me lol) :

    -My team : 1 - Only me :waitwhat:

    -Fanpage : facebook.com/bdoengpatch/
    -Twitter : twitter.com/BDO_Eng_Patch
    -Facebook : facebook.com/gau.puny
    -Reddit reddit.com/user/camapleonui/
    -Black-Desert Forum : black-desert.com/forums/index.php/User/22453-SxParadise/
    -IGN : SxParadise - Spirit Guild
    -Donate via paypal : paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=…d_button_id=WYVWDZJ5ZEZ3W

    Click spoiler to know our Donation info and our target in the future :D

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  • buzarini wrote:

    KAMIKADzE have long added support for client KR and his English patch.

    The program skips the two sheets. This "Group_RecommendationQuest" and "RecommendationQuest_Table". You must manually inspect them.

    dota.invokami.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=998 (BDO Patcher)
    dota.invokami.com/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=1005 (Getting Raw KR)
    dota.invokami.com/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=1000 (How to patch your KR client)
    dota.invokami.com/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=1001 (Advanced patching (mods, other translations))
    I'll do it ... u know what, my patch appear & work fine before DoTakami work for his KR patch ( at that time he just translating & supporting JP client )
    But Please Just use which patch u want and please don't PR other brand in my topic !
    Sorry & Thanks.

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