"The file is corrupted" problem

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    • "The file is corrupted" problem

      Hi guys i'm a new player and i just finished downloading BDO japan using 3MPORiO's method in youtube.
      But i get the

      "The file is corrupted" error
      during the character creation when I try to select the ninja class.

      So... I created another class(sorcerer) then I was able to play the game without errors for awhile until I encountered other players then suddenly the
      "The file is corrupted" error appeared again?

      Is the model for the Ninja class corrupted or something?

      I've been searching for solutions on the net but none of them seem to work

      1. I can't do the "Delete version.dat" method because I don't have a version.dat in my blackdesert folder

      2. I've tried deleting the XIGNcodex.log but still no luck.

      3. There is no repair program in my folder(RecoverRegistry) in my folder
      4. I've tried the Memtest method but my RAM seems fine.
      5. There is no option of reinstalling the game because I dont have the latest installers

      I haven't tried redownloading everything because its such a fkin pain... it took me 3days(12hrs/day) downloading this game 'imdone'

      Any suggestions? I really want to play :( :ohok: 'imdone' :mindfuq: :mindfuq: :mindfuq: :mindfuq: