New Plum/Maehwa Model = Disaster

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    • New Plum/Maehwa Model = Disaster

      So, the new Plum model was made to be more sexy. Not bad.

      Not including the new female bladers in the NA/EU version, You guys will enjoy the Maehwa the same as the rest of us. They are fun to play.

      As for the Plum's ( Those of us that has been enjoying this job class for the past while ) ..... The disaster part of it.


      The new face is similar, but then it gets worse with the smile. Pearl Abyss, if you're lurking this message take note on what you have done to the many thousands of Plums. You took away our faces, in exchange for something similar, then to top it off, when she smiles, it's yet again another strange face.

      I see Plum's spending hours trying to get their original look back, any of us I'm sure are looking away at the sight of seeing a new character in place of the original ones we've become accustomed to. It might be a good idea to make the base mesh for the face as it was before, same with the smile. The body is fine, but taking away the face made a lot of customers unhappy.

      Changing the face of a character model like this, without the option to restore it properly would be even worse if it happened throughout all job classes.

      ( I know this isn't the official forum, but we matter too so I'll mention it anyway. )