[NA][PvX] StormBlessed [Friendly] [18+] [Active] [NA - Orwen Server]

    • [NA][PvX] StormBlessed [Friendly] [18+] [Active] [NA - Orwen Server]

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT NOTICE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Due to the speed at which the guild is growing and how much effort is needed by everyone to keep up to let everyone in the guild, we will now only recruit players that are level 40+. This way you will also be able to run guild activities with other guild members, as most of our members are 40+. Note that exceptions can be made even if you are a brand new player. So feel free to ask away, but note that we might postpone your recruitment to a later date due to your level.

      Also from now on, Discord is required. You don't have to talk, but you have to at least be in discord so you know what's up as the guild is mainly managed via our discord.

      Bored of playing alone on the Orwen Server? Want to meet new people or just having a fresh start? Look no further, StormBlessed might just be the place for you.

      First off, a word from the leader : "StormBlessed is a guild formed just before Black Desert Online went live by a group who wanted to experience every aspect of BDO in a relaxed, mature and fun way. Our founding members are gamers who have been playing MMOs for over a decade, and we are eager to share our knowledge and experience with our guild, whether they be as experienced as we are, or new to gaming altogether".

      The guild itself is very welcoming and if you wish to be part of the core of the guild, there are many ways to fit straight into it.

      We are looking for players that can act mature and not take everything personally. Also we would rather have friendly and respectful members than a level 55 with +20 gear all over the place that acts mean and thinks hes above everyone. We really don't ask much of our members. So long as you stay respectful, we'll get along well and stay cheerful! Of course we would rather have active members, however we do understand that life can kick in and cut down your playtime by a lot, so no worries if you are a busy person.

      What we aim for is to make a great community out of this guild so that Black Desert Online may be as awesome as it can possibly be. The point of an Massively Multiplayer Online Game is to make a fun social experience and this is exactly what we are striving to do!

      We are looking for dedicated, loyal and friendly members. This goes inline with what the goal of the is: to provide a fun and familial environment for our members. The guild itself will be promoting community events in the near future to help bonding with the different members. Helping one another and sharing great time together is key to maintain a good chemistry between our members. We also use Discord as a mean of communication. Some people are called by their IRL name and others by their in-game name; whichever you prefer, just let us know!

      We care greatly for our members. We also believe it is in our best interest to help our members grow, be it in strength, life skills or whatever other aspect the said person would love to do. Growing also means there needs to be means of recognition for such growth. So this also means that ranks are earned within the guild and could be a reward for someone who've had a considerable growth in any aspect.

      While right now this is not our utmost priority, it is definitely something we are excited about and will do in the future. However one needs to get ready before jumping in this PvP mess, either by developing strategies, squads or simply increasing everyone's strength. We believe there is hardly any better test of teamwork and trust than a group fight. Fighting alongside someone with your survival depending on them usually also deepens bonding within the guild.

      We are a guild that promotes bonding, respect and growth. We will both do PvE and PvP. We use Discord for Voice Chat or even some Text Chat sometimes. The guild is structured via a ranking system. There will be guild wars. We want members that can act mature and not take everything personally (helps prevent drama). We strive to make Black Desert as enjoyable as it can possibly be for all of our members.

      If you wish to join StormBlessed, feel free to post below about your intentions and yourself briefly. We would like to hear your reasons for choosing our guild!
      We will get back to you as soon as we can!


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