[NA][Orwen] <UDL> The Undead Lords. 18+ PvP

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    • [NA][Orwen] <UDL> The Undead Lords. 18+ PvP

      Who is UDL?
      Since 1994, the Undead Lords have made it their mission to grow a community of competitive PvP gamers dedicated to establishing a dominant and respected name in online gaming. To ensure our continued success, we seek like-minded and ambitious members who embrace our vision.

      As an experienced gaming community, we have a few members also deeply involved in KR BDO servers, and have extensive knowledge of the game to accelerate the growth of everyone in the guild.
      Our Goals in BDO?
      1. Guild Node Wars & PvP
        As a primarily PvP guild, we intend to make a grand migration to the desert upon the release of Valencia. As a guild that has been called to the side of Myrkul, we are open and accepting to rogue players focused on PVP and mskill/gear progression.
      2. Personal Gear Progression and Growth
        We have Daily boss scroll groups, as well as experience and stone farming parties. It is to all of our advantage to keep everyone’s gear and accessories upgraded to top of the server.
      3. Contribution Passive Profit Management
        Along with all the public guides that have come out recently, we have spreadsheet tested node, farming, fishing, trading and other profit based information exclusive to our guild members. Especially for those focused on PvP, we have found the least contribution commitment to profit ratios so we can focus on our growth as a whole.
      4. Quality of Life Enjoyment
        Aside from the profit focused contribution, and gear progression, we pride ourselves in pure enjoyment of the game too. From hidden horse taming areas, to the best farming grounds we encourage exploration in all aspects of the game! A proper sense of humor is necessary!

      One of our latest PVP videos

      Node wars are around the corner and ramping up a bit. We're actively recruiting pvp minded players. Gear is huge in this game so we're running daily xp/boss scroll groups to get everyone to where they should be. If you're interested in joining UDL, you can reply below, PM me or visit our webpage at undeadlords.net
    • If you're new to BDO, dont worry about it. We've had some re-rolls now that more classes are released.
      Also, we're now putting in a schedule for Guild missions and scroll groups so that people can be better prepared for the activities of the day. Grind groups are always going.

      If you're interested in hearing more, plz contact me or visit our forums @ forums.undeadlords.net/