Something about auction house in black desert online

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    • Something about auction house in black desert online

      hello all, i will share something i found form other place, it is about auction house in black desert online, i think it is great. here we go .

      To list an item or receive sales funds, you must be at the "Item Exchange" NPC in any major city. However, you are allowed to view the Auction House at any time using the Item Exchange button in the top left corner of your World Map. Besides this, we also can tell you how to use the auction house.

      Items can be traded through the "Item Exchange" Auctioneers located in every major capital city. Select the "Item Management" option at the bottom of the Auction House UI, and you will see a list of the items you currently have registered for sale, as well as the ability to collect money from any sales.

      At the top right of this interface, select "Register Item" to place an item up for sale.Each item has a limit on the minimum and maximum prices you can set - these will change based off of supply and demand. You set a price within the range and select confirm price, then click the Register button. If you want to set your items for sale, you should know which items you do not need, and which items you do not want to use or you want your items to sell in a higher price, all of these are good.