Disconnected After Loading the World

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    • Disconnected After Loading the World

      Hey y'all
      I really wanna play this game so bad, i downloaded and installed the Russian but as well couldn't play it with vpn try almost everything that i could do, then i thought that i got ip blocked or something, i really don't wanna download another 30GBs :/, i keep getting disconnected from server after loading the server, i didn't even play the tutorials on anything, i just created a char and started it and then it gets me disconnected
      I tried with SoftEther, WTFast, and Both, tried every tutorial and guide in this site, and every youtube video, idk what else to do tbh :/, i'm still trying :success :greensad

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Ezzy: I tried it with Mudfish as well and still didn't work :/, keep disconnecting after loading the world ().