Bloodborne EU Alustin Guild Recruitment

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    • Bloodborne EU Alustin Guild Recruitment

      Hello everyone! First of all, hope you're all enjoying BDO.

      Now, me and a couple of friends recently started a guild (Bloodborne) on Alustin EU for Black Desert Online and of course we're looking to expand.

      We're mostly around 30+ Lvl (lots grinding atm) since we've been learning everything else in the game and all the mechanics instead of rushing to 50 from grindspots.

      As for now we're looking to start a community to help with leveling and guildies and also to increase the guild economy and at 50 we will be focused on World PVP/PVE, Guild Wars, Summoning Scrolls, And so on.

      If you're on Alustin EU and you're looking for a guild. Either contact me ingame, family name (Duria) or write here. Or just apply on

      We use discord as a guild channel and we're mostly swedish but open for international players.