Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server

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    • Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server

      Guild Name: Pain Train [PTX]
      Guild Website: Click Here
      Focus: PvX | Semi-Hardcore | Social | 18 +
      Timezone: Eastern
      Contacts: Shadowlord, Gilz, ieatCookies, Scox
      VOIP: TeamSpeak3 -
      Apply Now: Click Here

      Who We Are
      Pain Train [PTX] is a competitive, organized and democratic based Multi-Gaming Community made up of veteran gamers from around the world. We have been around for 10 years strong making many friends along the way! Our member base is primarily over the age of 25 with years of gaming experience. In Pain Train we enjoy a variety of gaming genres including, but not limited to; FPS, RTS, Moba, MMORPG, and Arena Combat. We invite you to join our community and share your gaming experience with us.

      In Pain Train, we take having fun seriously. Our focus is making sure that our community is active, helpful, mature, competitive and most of all, FUN! To accomplish this, we ask that our members be over the age of 18, active, represent our community with integrity and use the social forms of communications that we provide. It is very important to us that every member of PTX participate on TeamSpeak while in game and have a working headset and mic.

      No Drama
      Pain Train has a very strict “No Drama” policy. Leave all of the drama at the door. Real-Life drama has no place in our TeamSpeak server or in our community.

      What We Look For In Our Members
      Pain Train is looking for active and mature players that strive to be successful all while having fun working as a team in game. We are in need of members that enjoy organized gameplay, enjoy both PvP and PvE content, theorycrafting, dungeons and having fun in TeamSpeak. We are accepting casual and hardcore gamers alike! If you enjoy being yourself and gaming with others, Pain Train is the community for you!

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