XignCode error 0xE019101A

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    • XignCode error 0xE019101A

      I can log into the game easily enough but after about 5 minutes or so I always get this error from XignCode that boots me out of the game:

      Error: Suspicous program detected. The virus or the Trojan infections are possibly caused for this error. Recommend to scan your system with the latest updated Anti-Virus program prior to restart the game.

      [b]I am running Windows 10 with an Intel i7 4770K CPU. Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 GPU.[/b]
    • I had the same problem, and after hours of frustration, I decided to go over my task manager and close absolutely everything, not only programs people suggested could cause the problem, like razer, logitech etc, but everything. The game then worked perfectly. So I went over one program at a time, and eventually I found what was causing my error: A program listed as "SCProxy". After closing that, the game worked. So check if you have any programs like that running. Search for it on your computer, and delete the folder. The program itself was called "Buypass Javafree". I have no idea what it is, but removing it made the game work for me.
      So my main advice is; go over task manager, and close as many background processes you can, then try and see if the game works. If it does, restart your computer, and close one by one, until you find the program that's causing your error, and delete it. Hope this helps!
    • I have identically problem - after uninstall Bitdefender - and replacing AV to 360 Total Security (Bitdefender engine included) game workin perfect! Uninstall Bitdefender resolve problem only! Sometimes must deinstall others conflictable with Xigncodes3 applications = always working.
    • I've tried basically everything that everyone has mentioned.

      Turning off antivirus, even though I don't have any - Windows Defender and Firewall.
      Closing background applications (All that doesn't seem like crucial windows application programs.
      Running a full virus scan to look for vira.

      Neither of these methods has proved to help me.

      I've forwarded my log to the developers and hope that they will sort that anti cheat solution out so I can play the game I bought..
    • security alert

      I get a security alert after I've been logged in so much time and the time varies. I've not had a problem until now. I haven't used a virus scan until after the problems occurred. I tried the pc proxy and buypass javafree. Still won't work.