Only 6 classes, forced to play 2nd favorite class. Solution? Class change Cash item please

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    • Only 6 classes, forced to play 2nd favorite class. Solution? Class change Cash item please

      It's so very disappointing to see that Black Desrt Online NA will not include all the classes that are out in Korea.
      Just 6 of them; warrior, valkyrie, ranger, sorceress, berserker, and Wizard/witch
      It's understandable that they want to leave out some classes for future updates to add more contents but
      how does this affect us as players?
      It forces us to pick out 2nd favorite character, invest so much time until the class you want to play as comes out
      and then we have to invest just as much time to level up our favorite class .
      As a competitve player, I'd absolutely have to spend so much time and energy to raise another character.

      The solution I hope to see in the future is to let us buy a cash item that allows us to change between classes.
      I don't honestly care about the price. I just want to play as a Blader, not as a Warrior (This class is fun and awesome but I just want to focus on just one class without having to bother a second character)
      I'd buy the class change cash item even if it ends up costing more than the game itself.

      I sincerely hope Black Desert developer team reads this and just bring the topic up during one of their meetings.
    • When JP version has been released, there weren't all the classes that were out in KR; same for the RU version. So I don't understand why people continue to complain about the number of the classes that will be available at the EU/NA release.

      Oh, btw we will start with 7 classes, not 6: you forgot to mention the Tamer.
    • I agree with ITH there are 7 classes currently for the NA Version more then on the other servers.
      and most people compare BDO current content with the NA Version witch is a big mistake . since it is release time you have to compare the classes on release date in that region . and since there is only the cb1 event this month there is a good chance another class maybe released till launch.