Missing classes

    • Missing classes

      Hello people!

      First of all, let me introduce myself by conveying that I am glad to finally be a part of a community of Black Desert lovers, active players and players in high anticipation alike!

      I have been waiting for this game for so long, but we are all equal in this, no? I really cannot wait, and i will without a doubt buy the founder's pack.

      but i do have some concerns, and as i am new here, i have not yet had the opportunity nor stamina to survey the entire threads in this forum for posts that may be similar to mine.

      I do have some concerns...while there is no denying that Black Desert looks to be a truly revolutionary sandbox MMORPG, the main reason for me wanting to play the game is because of these things.

      1. I wanted to play as a blader, beast tamer and ninja/kunoichi.

      and it looks like these classes are not available at all, at least not right now.

      my concerns are these, have Daum decided against including these "oriental" classes form the western version of the game??? is there any news on that? any statements? because if that's the case...i might actually not end up playing it at all. i wanted to play Black desert so that i could create really cool oriental looking characters that wore traditional korean, japanese and chinese garments with mild a mild fantasy tweak.

      i think Daum is making a terrible mistake by excluding those classes and aspects of the game in order to satisfy the western players. i want to play black desert because it is NOT like most MMO's, where you play as these traditional european fantasy characters. a blond warrior with a european medieval sword and shield and such...i want to be a fantasy asian with asian fantasy weapons and stuff like that.

      this is the ONLY reason why i was attracted to black desert in the first place.

      i just want some confirmation that these aspects will be added to the western release eventually, because if not, black desert is indeed dead to me, and i will move on. which is sad, because i have been salivating over this game for two years...feels like a break up.

      please tell me if anybody knows anything in regards to this particular subject.

      if these classes, the blader, beast tamer and ninja/kunoichi will be released in the west eventually, then i am fine, and i will buy the biggest founders pack there is and play until i fade away.

      but if that's the case, will i still be able to create and oriental looking character regardless of class? i hope they have not removed a bunch of phrenological options in order to service some western demand that they have no idea what is. i bet the majority of western players we're attracted to black desert for the same reasons as me. the beautiful graphics and lighting. the in depth crafting and gathering system. and the beautiful oriental characters and classes you can play as....

      any thoughts????

      thank you very much for your time.

      hope to hear from someone.
    • So they have made a statement regarding this? I sure hope so. I can't stress enough how sick i am of playing as traditional medieval european fantasy characters.
      I also wonder what other things they are tweaking for the west. i want all the asian aspects of the game to be intact. the korean version actually seems like a beautiful fuson of asian fantasy/culture and european fantasy culture, so why change that? i hope they don't. it's ok to tweak certain gameplay aspects in order to satisfy the way western players usually play games, but don't change the world and it's people. keep the asian themes and characters and classes please.

      What's beautiful to me about Black Desert is the fusion of asian and western culture, as i said. and this should be kept intact. :D

      thank you for your swift reply friend :D

      much love

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