Versus Z Guild Recruitment / Eu PvP,PvE Guild

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    • Versus Z Guild Recruitment / Eu PvP,PvE Guild

      Versus Z is an open concept guild. We are not elitist and nor are we exclusionary. Our main focus is to provide players with a good atmosphere to enjoy the game in and cooperate together as a team to level up and get the best gear for PvP,PvE,GVG. Versus Z works with the members it has available online for our events using an organic approach to game-play.
      We also provide FB group so the members would be able to know when the events and raids are going to be.
      Finally we have our own TS3 server which is our recommended voice application to communicate between the guild members.

      Guild Rules :
      1- no religion chat.
      2- do not disturb a guild mate by any different way.
      3- to stay or to get a higher rank in the guild you must be very active,helpful. and we also recommend the members who are active in chat,TS3.
      4- About the contract fee and the member salary, i'm not really sure about that yet. but of course if there should be a salary for the members we will pay.
      5- players who got promoted to a higher ranks should help the leaders to pay the members.

      Our TS3 Server :
      FaceBook Group :

      Am really sorry that i didn't make a pretty post just like the others since am a lazy guy and i don't wanna waste much time on the post because i have an exams.