[EU] [MVP] MVP Recruitment

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    • [EU] [MVP] MVP Recruitment

      MVP will be an EU based guild when Black Desert launches, We are seeking veteran players to join us. You don't have to have any amazingly high rated background on previous games, all you need is a lot of time and dedication with obviously a decent PVP background. We have little interest in anything to do with PVE, our aim is to crush any challenging guilds, we want to dominate WvW, siege castles.

      I just want to point out we are not a huge community, not many at all actually, I and a few friends have led high successful PVP guilds, and have all be very high rated or dominated MMO's. We do seek to build a community here and find good players. We will be making a website, Twitch, Youtube.
      It would be great to find people here and create an on going community that follows each other to dominate other games.

      What you should have to apply:
      A LOT of spare time to play black desert
      A LOT of time to farm and grind for the guild
      Good PVP knowledge and skills
      A good Attitude
      A Microphone/TS3
      Speak English

      What we need:
      Officers - you can apply for that in this thread, you must have good leadership skills.
      Graphics - We would like custom art like banners and a proper guild emblem.
      Website design - I can do this myself but if someone has better skills than me, or would like to team up that would be great.
      Good shot callers - We need people who are good at shouting out tactics and leading groups of people.

      I cant stress how dedicated you need to be to apply, we are NOT casual, we are HARDCORE PVP, sometimes things will get heated, you need to be okay with criticism, prepared to improve and work together. We wont tolerate silly arguments, we will try to resolve any problems ASAP. Trolls will be removed instantly.

      Also yes I do have a lot of experience but I know I will have to bend my play style a lot to get good at this game, I dont expect to walk into Black Desert and instantly be good, I'm used to games that you don't have to aim a cross hair to hit others. Ive played Tera and know I can do it. So basically what I'm saying is, we don't expect people to be amazing from the start, we don't expect you to be GODS, you may even become better than me, Its not just about individual skill here, its about teamwork! Its not WOW we understand that arena skill wont mean as much here as this is more WvW pvp ect, But we have lead in Archeage, Aion, GW2, So we are used to playing in WvW environments. Im used to playing healers and they are kind of taking that away from me here! So we fully understand that we are in no position to judge yet. Although if you have any proof of past experience that would be great.

      Good luck applying, message me for any further questions.

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    • With one thing I won't agree, which is:

      Fear wrote:

      understand that arena skill wont mean as much here as this is more WvW pvp ect
      Imo after seeing last community tournament on KR I think that with time this game will be more complicated and competitive game pvp wise. Aim, combos and personal CC counts more here than in WoW so I think the skillcap and difference between good and bad player will be deeper here than in WoW. Tho this game has more potential in 1v1 or 2v2 duels more than 3+vs3+ imo. If they will add some competitive systems sometimes after release there might be more than just WvW pvp.

      Anyway I wrote a message to you on Reddit (if that's also you). Let me know what you think.