Moonlight Blade Online OBT

    • Moonlight Blade Online OBT

      Moonlight Blade Online is a semi-sandbox open world PvP wuxia themed MMORPG, with lots of new and unique features like

      • Real-scale huge open world with full weather, day-night circle. Also check out this screenshot album .
      • Action combat.(PvP strategy video of the taibai(fast swordsman) pvp combo, and all other classes showcase video timestamp in the comment of the video);
      • Open world PvP and Bounty and penalty system for crimes, a custom sums of bounty can be offered by players to kill another player for revenge or Profession(bounty hunter/assassin); arrested players need to serve jail time to repent their crimes;(players of the profession Constables can visit prisons pardon or change penalties of other players);
      • guild wars and large scale faction wars;
      • Much like the Horde/Alliance in WOW and Huntian/WulinAlliance in Blade&Soul, but instead of 2 players in this game will have to choose from 4 of the factions to represent in the ever-ongoing PvP faction wars over control of areas, extra NPCs and other various benefits and resources. Several leaders of different player created guilds under the same faction will have the chance to become the "second-hands" of that faction and direct the faction wars. However other leaders of other player created guilds under the same faction can "challenge" the second-hands for a chance to replace him/her through a process of grouped PvP competition, at the cost of faction resources(which is essential and a determining factor in the faction wars) CLASSES and FACTION INTRODUCTION post., with custom faction/guild halls.
      • player housing.
      • PvP elo rating and matchmaking system, full spectation system(3rd or player point of view).
      • Profession System(composer, writer, hunter, bounty hunter/assassin, wanderer, escort, contable, (there are 3 more professions but currently still locked, Trader, Scout, Townies; you can basically consider this the crafting system you see in other mmos but more dynamic and sanboxy). All with unique ways of play and meaningful impact on character development:
        ie, the assassin kills players(or NPCs as a daily quest) with bounty on them for gold that is offered by another player, profession skills for assassins include one that will locate the rough whereabouts of your target, a viewing skill that turns your screen monocolor except your target thats glowing red, a backstab skill that gives an advantage in the following fight, etc. Check out my carriage escort and hunting in action, and mechanic explanation post for the escort profession,also the traveler/wanderer/ archeologiest profession explained , etc


      download&play,etc(at bottom):…ame_and_what_youd_expect/

      Game is f2p without ip restrictions, cash shop now only sells vanity items(dev and publisher also promised to not go p2w), game just finished CBT and is now in OBT, game most probbly will also come to the west, currently theres no english patch.