Pinned [GUIDE] How to purchase pmang JEWELS TO PEARL! (U/C)

    • [GUIDE] How to purchase pmang JEWELS TO PEARL! (U/C)

      *I am still sorting out guides for JEWEL purchases. If any of you have done so independently, please do share it here in the meantime. :thumbup: *

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      Update* (23/05/2015)

      Here is a reply from reddit I posted back few days ago. My apologies for the delay as I am away from home to fully commit on this guide. Here's a rough idea how the procedure goes:


      Most players who purchased pmang(If it's jps, then it is not Daum) Jewels goes through webmoney Japan!。(Do not be mistaken by wmtransfer).
      Basically, what these players do would be

      Webmoney Merchants > > Pmang topup.

      For starters, is like a coupon, a top-up scratch card for you to deposite in account.

      1)There are quite a number of merchant all over the internet such as:
      -SEA gamer mall
      ..some of which I have forgotten.

      2) requires you to have an account to hold your webmoney credits. I strongly suggest googling registration guides.

      3)pmang accounts are those you use to login to BDO-jp. Now, it is most probable that you are using an OpenID meaning, your account is not registered or valid for pmang services. You have to reverify them. things to take note:

      -You need a account.(this is totally different from other yahoo accounts that are outside of japan)
      -Google,facebook, hotmail/msn and so on are not valid.
      -in conclusion, you will need to register for a account.
      -with exception for those who plays with their facebook account, they may not need to create the said account for pmang verifications.

      Tedious it may look but it is not complicated except for captchas!

      I'll work on a concise guide as soon as possible once I'm home. (currently overseas)

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    • Did, but it'd be best if I do it myself for visuals.

      Pre-process' can be quite complicated as you will need to 'verify' your accounts to pmang's and let me remind you:

      You may end up thinking you may have lost your account and spams customer service for password reset. Proceed with caution!

      In most cases, you'll need to register for certain japanese account (such as** in order for your OpenID* to be verified in pmag, to make transactions.

      *OpenID: those email accounts you signed up with pmang to play such as google,,hotmail/msn etc.
      ** is totally different from the yahoo accounts outside japan.
      Black D. JP server: Calpheon [ch1], Media [ch4]

      Family Name: Morita

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    • Funny, seems like you found me asking on reddit.

      I did buy stuff by using webmoney as suggested. I didn't need a japanese yahoo account and was able to use the OpenID I already used to play (google+, from Europe).

      It is pretty simple, the annoying part has been the waiting for the code I bought from sutowebmoney using Paypal. They need you to verify that payment with your scanned ID-Card. (blurred everything except Adress and Name).

      Steps are:

      1. Make an webmoney account.
      2. buy webmoney Code (e.g. Sutowebmoney (use see reasons in the Update below))
      2.1 add the code to your webmoney-wallet (obvious)

      You need to use a japanese VPN from here on (as you already used to do)

      3. Login to via your usual OpenID
      4. Click on jewels (the golden coins), not pearls
      5. enter your date of birth
      6. Chose webmoney, enter the amount of jewels you want and hit the checkbox on the left at the end of the page

      #amount of jewels are 1:1 to webmoney-points#
      (expensive: 2000 Webmoney Points = 2000 Jewels = 600 Pearls = ~20€)

      7. choose the "Login to your webmoney-wallet" option (the icon to the right)
      7.1 enter into your webmoney-wallet
      8. hit pay
      9. return to Website frontpage
      10. log into the game
      11. get into the Ingame shop
      12. buy some pearls (the boxes) by using your jewels
      13. Check the Pearl-Tab in your inventory
      14. rightclick on the Pearl-box
      15. re-enter the Ingame shop
      16. you are ready to shop
      17. bought stuff is delivered to your inventory (Check the Pearl-tab again)

      Didn't try to buy Pearl-boxes directly on the Website using the jewels, maybe it works also.

      I'm writing this on my mobile, so don't mind misspelled words or layout.

      Feel free to ask if you have any questions in this thread or ingame.

      UPDATE: instead of sutowebmoney, use

      Noticeable cheaper (~3€), almost instant delivery and appears way more professional.

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