my late introduction to the world

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    • my late introduction to the world

      Hello & Hi.
      I know it's kinda late for my introduction. its been a months now since I joined here and I've been jumping from 2P's BDO to reddit BDO forums to korean forums (sometimes) from time to time just to look for something useful guides. It's also been a while since I started playing black desert since the beginning of the open beta. I did tracked the game since it's debut years ago and from that moment I dreamed of playing it someday. And that day came and here I am playing and enjoying every bit now.
      most of my life I've been playing korean games from way back in 2004. I've been also became forum mod way back years ago. But outside gaming I work as an M.I.S./I.T. staff on a hospital on my location. It was one big hospital around my area too... but before I got in in this hospital, I also work as an I.T./technical assistant on some net cafes... life was hard at those time. Then before that I also work on a Public library as a librarian and technical services too... while working as a part time librarian I also work as an Animator, a clean-up/I.B. artist on an animation company around my country. It was a great deal for me since I love to draw and its one of my greatest skills I have asides from fixing/setting up computers and networks to the company and for also individuals.
      I also have my passion for graphic designing, well im no pro to it, but I just love doing design on photoshop and illustrator. sometimes I do it for the company I working for. I do video edits and music editing sometimes when I feel bored on gaming. I play my guitar when I needed to feed my brain of some music. I even once had a girlfriend. We both play MMO/MMORPG, and it was fun for both of us, enjoying the company everytime. We both have our professions, she works on a mall and me on a hospital. But that ended 4 1/2 years, we ended in a bad way. But I guess moving on is the only way to continue life. Now I play alone.
      I play a ranger in black desert and a sorcerer. But I focus finally on ranger instead. I may try the Valkyrie when its out. Well I guess that quite a long introduction for me. Mostly I always watch the help desk of the forums and the english trans section. Somehow I like to help other on their technical matters too. -Moscos