after launching, the game is re-downloading

    • after launching, the game is re-downloading

      So i downloaded the whole game, had trouble starting it but finally got it to work. Now it opens the patcher and is downloading almost everything again. The downloader started at 3.5GB/19.35GB.
      I tired extracting the files in the BD folder, and the temporary folder. If i re-open the downloader, it show fully downloaded. if i start it with the website launcher, it has to download most of it agian.
      I really need some clear selution for this, have been trying to play the game for 3 days now with no result :(
      thanks in advance

      The original download went to c:/duam games/black desert ; the patch form the site goes to c:/duam games/black desert/temporary folder. When i change the site patcher to c:/duam games/black desert , it restarts completely