Installation/patch problems

    • Installation/patch problems

      If anyone here is having installation or patch problems with BDO, that does not seem to be related to something wrong with your computer, but instead you did something wrong in installation, I made a guide, that should be used as a last resort!

      Black Desert Re-installation/Patch guide
      Go to your black desert folder: and see all the files with BlackDesert_000.Gz and the random letter ones - the DAT files. Copy and paste these to another folder not in the black desert folder (i.e.: just to desktop).
      Go to control panel and uninstall all the programs related to Black Desert Online – this will delete the black desert folder. After doing so, for the rest of the guide use a VPN to connect to a Korean server –

      1. Go to: and sign in with your OBT account that you purchased, if not already signed in.
      2. Go to: and click the left box, that has a 1 in it and the download symbol:
      3. Download the .exe and install it on your computer like you have done before hand. This will re-create the black desert folder again.
      4. Place the contents from the old black desert folder (see first paragraph) we copied over earlier into the new black desert folder.
      5. Go to: and this time click the game start button. It will take you to a page to download that chrome plugin again. Download and install it.
      6. Ensure your chrome allows all plugins, re-navigate back to and click the Game Start button. You should arrive at page that looks like the following:
      7. A launcher will pop up , navigate to the directory of your black desert folder, if it hasn’t already and then tick the box and the blue button after. It will now install any missing components and patch your game.

      Use at your own risk/peril. This is what my struggle and effort lead me to, in trying to get things working, it might not work for everyone!