[NA] [PvP] [PvE] [LS] Sigma-Looking for new members

    • [NA] [PvP] [PvE] [LS] Sigma-Looking for new members

      Sigma Guild Recruiting :!:

      We are a small group of gamers that want to grow our little group, but its hard because we are at first pretty shy around new people, mostly because we act weird, but its a fun kind of weird
      and we don't know how people would react, so if you really want see that fullness of us you need to be around us more, but mostly we are care-free, fun, can be competitive and casual, and are really nice and helpful in games. :saint:

      In BDO we do almost everything from PvP(not yet, need to grow more :S ) PvE(grind,Grind, GRIND :cursing: ), Bosses :evil: , and life skills <3 , so there's a place for everyone. :thumbsup:

      There in no age or level restriction. :P

      So if your interested just put your family or character name in this tread or in our Discord [b]discord.gg/zmzAttY (This isn't our main discord, if you want to join that you need to but completely fine with our weirdness.) :love: so come give us a chance. :P My Name: kiri_Akuma My family Name: TheAkumaFamily Guild name: Sigma (if you didn't guess by the title)[/b]

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    • Im currently patching the game and should be on tomorrow. But I was wondering if I could get a new invite to the discord. It says that invite is expired. I would love to get back into this game. ( I played for roughly a month or two while ago but the guild I was in fell apart. )
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    • howdy! i would be interested in joining your guild. I am completely new to this game... but I have decades experience playing mmo's. Also I am disabled veteran so by no means would yall beable to offend or make me blush haha.

      I will have my IGN shortly once i make him haha
    • Hey, my family name is Lanslos, Im a new gamer to MMO and BDO and I was thnking that I need some help on getting some friends and help from you guys, and I will be greatful if you guys can take me in and Im also a non-English as first language speaker, but I am working on that if you guys dont mind that.:D