The bear pet

    • The bear pet

      Hello Hello my fellows friends... I´m kinda new on reddit but I got bored of all mmo rpg around there like Blade and Souls, WoW, Runescape etc etc and i miss some one who has something diferent.... So I find BDO and I did the trial 7 days and 1 friend of mine had one last key and offer me to get more days but the problem is that I rly like the game and how he his... So I saw a lot of guys giving the game for a free pet and creating other acc to optain him and im kinda €€ broke right now I wonder if someone gift the game for the pet.... So if is someone interested write it down...
      Note: Sry for bad english, kinda hard to talk non fluent language
      Ps: I´m from EU and lvl 34