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    • Hello! I don't know if there are any english speaking guilds still active in Korean servers but I would like to join!

      Please recruit me. im a level 51 blader. Im logged in everyday. I dont have friends that play the game with me so Im looking foward to make friends online!

      Family name: Sankgreall
      Player name: Erevus

      Post by Seras ().

      This post was deleted by the author themselves ().
    • Top international guild on KR servers recruiting PVP players.

      Lv. 58 and above preferred. [Node War attendance is not compulsory.]

      The guildmaster is a native English speaker, knows Chinese, Japanese, and is learning Korean.

      We have a lot of English members currently.

      We also have a complete guide to the CC8 English Translation Software [i.e. English patch].

      The guide is limited to guild members only.

      The English patch is fully automatic and requires little to no maintenance.

      To join, please go to the reception channel for newcomers in Discord:

      Note: This channel is meant for reception, and is not the official Discord channel for our guild. We have a separate group for external guild communication.