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    • IGN:Dom196
      Country/Server you play in:uk(eu)
      English Skills:good
      MMO Experience:[b]Runescape/WoW/Archeage/eso[/b]
      BDO Experience:old pvp player returning concentrating on life skills now
      Which ingame role do you prefer?:tank
      What type of group are you after?life skills and pve
      Best way for contact:ingame
      Additional Notes:my life skills are
      gathering pro7
      processing artisan3
      cooking artisan7
      alchemy skilled 8
      fishing artisan 4
    • IGN: Qaflyn
      Age: 18
      Country/Server you play in: NA Server.
      English Skills: Full English.
      MMO Experience: Gw2, FFXIV, Elsword, Archeage.
      BDO Experience: 1-2 Years.
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: Team Support/Healing/Help with the newbies, I have a Lvl 56 Wizard and Lvl 56 Witch.
      What type of group are you after? A Serious Guild where all classes/levels are permitted, also probably a guild based around sailing the seas of BDO while on a large ship with part of the Guild, chatting and having fun. A friendly Guild.
      Previous Guilds: N/A
      Best way for contact: PM Me by mail or chat in Black Desert, I'm always online.
      Additional Notes: I'm very active and on all the time, fun loving and I adventure a lot, I look forward to joining a Guild.
    • Age: 30
      Country/Server you play in: EU
      English Skills: I'm English
      MMO Experience:World of tanks player
      BDO Experience: few weeks
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: Not sure yet
      What type of group are you after?
      Previous Guilds:none
      Best way for contact: email
      Additional Notes: been playing this game for a few weeks level 50 with one character, level 26 with another looking for a guild I can contribute to and grow my BDO knowledge and skills etc