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    • IGN: Karre
      Age: 21
      Country/Server you play in: U.S/north America
      English Skills: 1st language
      MMO Experience: Runescape, WoW, Destiny, Rift, and GW2
      BDO Experience: played for a couple weeks when north America came out ended up quitting and just got the urge to come back
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: mostly damage though i will tank if required
      What type of group are you after?: I am looking for a social guild that would help me learn the game
      Previous Guilds: RamenKnights
      Best way for contact: private messaging me on here is the best way to contact me

      Additional Notes: I play on the Edan server and i will be very active
    • Looking for a Guild

      IGN: Tituss
      Age: 18
      Country/Server you play in: Spain/Jordine
      English Skills: I can understand English properly
      MMO Experience: I played Archeage for a long time, also I played 4story when I was a kid and Wow
      BDO Experience: I start playing 2 weeks ago
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: I am used to play as dps/tankactually I am playing ninja in bdo
      What type of group are you after?: I am looking for a friendly/social/active guild
      Previous Guilds: AKGL, Berzerk
      Best way for contact: In-game: Tituss
      Additional Notes: I don't think I am a hardcore player, but I am not a casual player I play
    • Looking for guild

      IGN: Driaya
      Age: 32 years
      Country/Server you play in: Romania/EU
      MMO Experience: very vast (played LOTRO, STO, Lineage II, EVE-Online, SWTOR, PlanetSide 2, Heroes & Generals, WoT, World of Warships and others)
      BDO Experience: one month old
      Which ingame role do you prefer? DPS (I'm an archer so...)
      What type of group are you after? PvP-focused, but I'm not picky :)
      Previous Guilds: None for this game
      Best way for contact: on this website or in-game
      Additional Notes: I'm married so I can't enter on a daily basis
    • IGN: Faheesi or Nagisi
      Age: 16
      Country/Server you play in: UK/Jordine or Alustin. I don't mind making a new character to play on Croxus
      MMO Experience: SWTOR, TESO and Riders of Icarus
      BDO Experience: Had It for about 6 months but not much determination to play since I don't know anyone else who does.
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: I haven't played in a group before, although my preferred class is a Valkyrie which I guess is probably support/tank.
      What type of group are you after?: An active one that wouldn't mind teaching me more about the game. Also participates in both PvE and PvP.
      Previous Guilds: None
      Best way for contact: Steam is preferred, same username as this website. Although through this website should be fine too, unless I forget to check.
      Additional Notes: I'm currently studying for A-levels so sometimes I might not be able to play. Although I'm usually on PC as soon as I get home from school.

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    • Alerith Rahl

      IGN: Alerith Rahl
      Age: 28
      Country/Server you play in: United States/Edan
      English Skills: Native Speaker
      MMO Experience: Final Fantasy XI (LS Leader, Paladin), Final Fantasy XIV (Free Company Leader, Paladin), Lord of the Rings Online (Captain), Tera (Warrior), Ragnarok Online (Lord Knight) , Runescape (Knight), Aion (Templar)
      BDO Experience: Minimal. Level 50 Warrior. Thanks to how broken Scars of Dusk and shield blocking is in PvE, I can solo Tier I and II boss scrolls. (Dunno if this is actually an accomplishment, but I believe it at least denotes that I know how to play my class at present. )
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: Tank all the ay.
      What type of group are you after?: Casual and friendly. RP is acceptable as well, as I do enjoy getting into character.
      Previous Guilds: None of note.
      Best way for contact: In-game mail or (More accessible contact details will be given once I've settled into a clan.)
      Additional Notes: Though the class is called "Warrior", I play it as a Knight. Tanking is, and always has been my specialty and I am here to support my clan mates when I can in whatever capacity I can. I enjoy a casual environment where I can make the game my place to relax and escape the real world for a little bit. As such, a mature but laid back group would be preferable. I consider myself decently skilled in the game, and I am a quick learner if someone needs to teach me content. Beyond that, as I said, I'm here to help, make friends and go on adventures.
      Age: 18
      Country/Server you play in: North America
      English Skills: yes
      MMO Experience: (advance)
      BDO Experience: Alpha/Beta Tester to now
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: Ninja/Warrior
      What type of group are you after? a friendly completive and active guild
      Previous Guilds: None
      Best way for contact: Email:
      Additional Notes: I'm looking for a guild that will accept me and my friend his info is

      IGN: MST3P MST3P
      Age: 19
      Country/Server you play in: NA
      English Skills: Fluent
      MMO Experience: Advanced
      BDO Experience: Alpha/Beta Tested
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: Musa/Wizard
    • IGN:Family name Mjolnir1785
      Country/Server you play in:NA_World
      English Skills:English and bad english
      MMO Experience: vanilla wow, eso, wildstar, BDO
      BDO Experience: 1 month
      Which ingame role do you prefer?:main sorceress, alt witch.
      What type of group are you after?PVE world boss
      Previous Guilds:none on bdo
      Best way for contact: message me
      Additional Notes:I've been playing and have figured out how most of the game works I've started breeding horses while I level up. I'm almost lvl 50 but I work and get distracted with other things in the game. I want to find a guild to go after world bosses.
    • IGN:Family name: GoldenTriplets
      Age: 18
      Country/Server you play in: Europe
      English Skills: English and Lithuanian
      MMO Experience: wildstar, BDO, A bit of WOW, Tera, Guild Wars
      BDO Experience: 4 weeks
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: Ninja
      What type of group are you after? Any From World Boss to PVP
      Previous Guilds:none on bdo
      Best way for contact: message me
      Additional Notes: Im Low level at the moment but i am currently leveling up quickly
    • Looking for Guild

      IGN: Sunnatta (FN: Mercilessian)
      Age: 23
      Country/Server you play in: NA
      English Skills: Full Eng: Skillful-Trolls
      MMO Experience: Runescape (2005-2011) Guild Wars (2006-2011) Star Wars The Old Republic (2012-2014) Skyforge (2015-2017) BDO (Present Main MMO)
      BDO Experience: Presently 1 week in - Reached lvl 27 & picking up on general skill mechanics (fishing, trading, crafting, workers, housing ect.) Fresh to the game & it's community but excited to settle down for hopefully as long as the games lifeline holds up - This is my Ideal mmo (I will be here a while & plan on taking it all the way)
      Which ingame role do you prefer?: Most MMO's I main a Ranger/Archers class (Sagittarius irl ;) but I've gravitated to enjoy BDO's Sorc class. Still questionable if she'll be my main
      What type of group are you after?: Important: Seeking a daily-active mature based guild with ages 18+ *Atleast* PvE/PvP bases are flexible for me considering I'm still catching on to all in-game features. Node wars preferably. A sense of humor, cruel or casually driven trolls is a *must* Size doesn't matter (yet sadly does irl) Generally flexible apart from above listings.
      Previous Guilds: None - Virgin
      Best way for contact: Ingame! I'm usually active apart from a 9 - 5 (est time zone) job on mon, tues & thurs.
      Additional Notes: I'm an ex officer /commander of a Guild Wars guild running from 2007 - 2010 & a current officer in Skyforge for a pantheon named Snuggles. (Yes we are recruiting snuglets) Although I won't be active on Skyforge no longer as I'm putting most my time into BDO. With these positions I have experience in raid/group coordination including valuable leadership assets. Pleasing, helping & especially trolling guildies is my specialty. If you don't think my above requirements/preferred conditions meet your guilds criteria, don't waste my time. ^^

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