Will You Play BDO ?

    • Will You Play BDO ?

      I've been watching BDO on twitch for a very long time. And I have scoured many different forums for different opinions and remarks from people playing BDO beta's over the last year. A lot has changed since its first presentation to its final beta for NA/EU. My opinion has changed as well and so has many others those streaming BDO on twitch those in beta and those who fan boys but vanished after a few months. Atm beta keys are been giving away by the truck loads and BDO packages are selling for $100.00 dollars. You would think everything is ok with BDO but I'm unsure if it really is. Many find BDO boring or mundane even though it boosts an open world. Being a vet gamer and watching and listening to twitch players boost about BDO on twitch too have them leave after four months of streaming not to return gives me pause on this mmo. Most players and people in general want to play a game with some substance or at the very least able to sink there teeth into. BDO is for the causal player is there anything for the hardcore or vet player....a new mmo is about all something that hasn't been used or worn in like an old shoe.

      Before you jump on the hype train take a look at other mmo's that are on the market or the very least soon to be released. I've heard many say there's nothing out there to play ...I say then wait until there is something out there it won't take long for a new mmo to be released. And by chance BDO is being
      coursed into a package catered by those who are on a runaway train. Things have changed with BDO from its birth such as player trading among other idea's.

      Players playing the barbarian do nothing more then spin attacks this called (spin to win) and mages and other magic users use flash bangs too grind there levels. Its reminds me of some sort of side show that has little to no value or substance to the character besides flash and pop. Many of you will play anything and throw your money at it because your the fanboys . but there are those of us like myself who has seen and wanted to play BDO until the ball was dropped.

      Will you play BDO ?
    • Yes I will. I tried the RU version till level 30 so i had the chance to see a good portion of what the F2P version is .
      with the changes and different settings for the NA/EU Version I think it can be a good game . but an mmo is only as good as the people who use it. Meaning that if the Players and Developers working together to improve the weak points known from the other Regions. Fact is that the alpha shown a first impression what PA thinks make it worth B2P and the new changes to CBT looks promising but only if you test them out in the field you can see if it is worth or not it depends on each player and their focus.
    • I agree with you to a point a lot of things in BDO are cosmetics or eye candy to a lot of people. For myself I'm still undecided if I want to play and even my friends that have done more research on BDO are undecided.....its like should I study for this test or cheat. Don't get me wrong maybe its because BDO is made for the casual gamer...the definition is below.

      ( The term "casual gamer" is often used for gamers who primarily play casual games, but can also refer to gamers who play less frequently than other gamers. Casual gamers may play games designed for ease of gameplay, or play more involved games in short sessions, or at a slower pace than hardcore gamers. )

      And I think seeing how easy it is to kill mobs like that Barb spinning and nicknamed ( spin to win ) has put a damper on BDO for me.....it's like should I give it a true or not damn if I do damn if I don't. Plus I don't see people playing BDO long term but short term only people get bored with eye candy and rightly so.
    • Mmo's aren't about creating a game for players well maybe for the first five minutes then the idea fades away. Games are about investments and getting as much money as possible from your wallet. the same can said about AA. If gamers started reading between the lines and listen what GM/Dev's say and what they write about you would understand there true meaning. Take for example the AA packages.....when AA offered gamers the packages everyone went crazy paying 150.00 dollars for items that most didn't get on release or had to wait for. AA gave out a ton of beta keys before release to hook players into the game then did a bait and change on the AA mmo to where a person must buy everything to play....it would be funny if it costs you a energy point to log in LOL.

      I fight with twitcher streamers they complain that player to player trading is wrong because of the gold spammers...simple ban the ip for six months if your caught botting or gold spamming...wait can't do that someone will say. Someone will say I like pvp I'm hardcore pvp player but I don't want open world pvp or looting only if your in a guild can there be pvp. Some will complain about the colour red in the game and it needs to be changed.

      And the changes are being made because BDO will turn into a gaint shopping mall where whatever you do you'll have too spend $$ to get it or buy an item to use to get whatever you want. Its the same idea with the packages you get a level 5 horse and yet in game you can tame a horse that's the fun of it until Duam removes that and all horse will be bought for $$.

      BDO is like a bowl vanilla. I was interested in BDO at the beginning now its ....mmmhm
    • I watched this new giant video and I really like it. I'm glad to see the change...characters get stuck such as the (spin to win) attack. I would also like to see the change between the wizard and witch attack spells. wizards and witch's are different class's and lore and yet in BDO they have merged the two. I would like to see decay and player trading and let GM's ban gold spammers ip's for 3 months for first offense 6 months for second offense and then perma ban. Or if your caught gold spamming allowing players too just kill the gold spammer that would be fun you have to admit.

      Its upsetting to me that a vision of a game would be so watered down that it would look and play like it has no character. Games aren't just about making money but letting players play a game that has character when that happens then people will stay and spend money. If theres no character or vision to a game people stay for a short term and move on to another game like cows moving to a new patch of grass.

    • The trading system already blocks gold sellers. That's not why they're going B2P.

      Egan314159 wrote:

      NA/EU version hasn't even began its first beta test and you are already saying the game is ruined? Why don't you wait until it actually comes out and see if it really is ruined or not
      I've played every other release of the game, alpha tested the NA version, and none of them are substantially different from one another. It's too expensive to implement the changes a lot of players are asking for, so they're just messing with things that are easy to adjust, like stat values, cooldowns, drop rates and whatnot. A B2P model simply won't work for BDO given the mechanics of the game, its limited following in the West, the powerful/expensive servers that are required, and it won't be able to maintain and grow its player-base effectively through a B2P model. Guild Wars 1 made it work—Guild Wars 2 couldn't—because of the low cap on character advancement and the fact that they released $50 expansions every so many months; they made old PvP/PvE builds obsolete, forcing players to buy.

      If Daum doesn't instate the Pay2Win cash shop on the initial release like they already have in every other version, they will eventually do so when it becomes Free2Play. The game is rapidly losing popularity in KR and the JP version has become a ghost town (you'd see why if you played it for a decent amount of time), and so they're working hard to hasten the release in NA/EU.

      Edit: Personally, I really like the game. It has (or had) a lot of promise, but poor business choices on Daum's part will be what causes its downfall in NA.

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