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Fortissimo [MEDIA Server]



Guild Information



New Class! - The Ninja



What do I need to start hunting Whales(not pay-to-win players but actual Whales in-game)?



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    I will seek help from everyone here, thanks
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    Great. I like the techniques that you provide within your content.
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    Hello. I always wanted to be a ninja. Great
  • Quote from dcofjapan: “you need to be a certain hunting level. and you need a nice gun. can craft them in tool workshops. this is for hunting baby whales for hunting the big ones you need a group and best gun and enchanted as far as i know. can start…
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  • Mei23 -

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    Quote from Penelope: “Could you post a screen shot in a common area that everyone could relate to fairly easy? Something with some good sharp edges with arcs that would show anti aliasing, something close with detail on a face (npc), and perhaps water…
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