Rangers act with the wisdom of nature. They are known to be cunning and perceptive, and are fast and durable due to their medium armor. They’re specialists in dexterity, with uncanny sight and high hit ratio.

Warriors are armed with a sword and shield. They are melee fighters who are able to deftly bring down their enemies, but can also protect their allies with their shield. Even though they wear heavy armor to outlast their foes, they still display an impressive amount of speed and flexibility.

Sorceresses are dangerous magicians with both ranged and melee attacks. They display speed and focus in their light armor, and equip a talisman to amplify her magical power.


Predators are massive figures, ready to defeat their foes with an axe in each hand. They have the power of transforming into a wolf, magnifying their strength and speed.


Tamers use a sword to vanquish their enemies, while their faithful pets turn into ferocious allies in battle. Tamers have the ability to use their companions as mounts.

Wizards are powerful magic-casters that focus on many enemies at once. They prefer to stay away from their foes due to their light armor, and cast from a distance with their staffs.


Valkyries are fighters that hold a sword and shield. They hold unique abilities that their male counterparts, Warriors, do not possess like supportive skills.


Bladers are duelists that hold a one-handed sword and fights like a samurai. They have the ability to split their sword into two and dual wield.